Asime Solutions | Aerospace Industry
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Aerospace Industry


Our experienced team with its state-of-the-art computerised design systems (Mechanical and Electrical) is able to provide top quality, highly reliable solutions to the aerospace machine tools industry. Research and development is in egral to our business. We are always looking for more efficient methods and better solutions for our clients.

Diamond & PCBN Tools

Design & Fabrication Machine Tools

End Mills / Reamer / Drills


We manufacture a wide range of high quality tools using the latest machines and technology. From diamond grinding to milling machines to superfinishing, we offer an extensive list of services. We are also ever ready to expand our arsenal of equipment and expertise to meet your requirements, whatever they may be.

PCD is the hardest natural mineral, known for its superb hardness and high wear resistance. we offers over 10 grades of PCD allowing us to find the right tool choice for your application. All of our products and inserts are manufactured using our “heatless” brazing technique. The brazing process keeps virtually any heat from contacting the tip of the PCD.

Common applications for PCD:

Aluminum and aluminum alloys

Copper, brass and bronze alloys

Zinc and magnesium alloys

Carbon Fiber

Epoxy resins


Fiberglass composites

Graphite composites


Asime Solutions is the Marksman Tools  authorized sole distributor in Malaysia, which we introduce highest quality cutter with COST BENEFIT RATIO CONCEPT to the end user. The manufacturing standards have made tremendous improvement within the decades. It is unacceptable to us that the cutting tools users in Malaysia haven’t benefited from the advancements because we are still paying premium for glut of outdated tools. We believe and we know that we can challenge the status quo, and further refine the perfection of the whole supply chain in Malaysia.

4 Flute End Mills (Z4EX)

Aluminium End Mills (AZ3EX)

Micro Drill (A-MD)


We are specialises in engineering and manufacturing of a comprehensive range of special cutting tools for the Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and General Engineering industries. Special cutting tools are manufactured at our sheffield factory in various grades of material. Solid carbide, brazed carbide & PCD-CBN special tooling is available in a whole range of special diameters, lengths number of flutes, left and right hand spirals and cutting options, special tapers, radius and form relieved angles all precision ground to our customer’s specifications. All tools are available with special coatings such TiN, TiCN & TIALN,etc. Our mission is to help customer maximize plant profitability through the use of high performance products.